Saturday, November 15, 2008

3d max work

mostly worked on lighting


my 1st attempt with charcole pencil(reference taken from figure drawing made easy by shankar modgekar)

colour pencils

poster colours with dry brush

this 1 is hand painted n digitally enhanced actually corrected wuld b a better word

this 1 is water colours gave very slight touch ups in photoshop my concept here is d horizon of d world where d day n night meets

the boot

took me 5hrs straight 2 complete d whole thing

my 1st nude sketching, adjusted some colours in photoshop

this 1 is for a frnd krishna for his bday

a reference frm a story book

originally it was something else d girl had an indian look the rest of the sketch is my imagination

originally my ref contained d guy speaking on mic but i changed a bit in mine

my 1st concept based sketching

a copied sketch just 2 get a hand on sketching

my 1st sketch tried on human anatomy