Sunday, May 10, 2009

mc donalds

hey guys making an ad film for mcdonalds (not official just students project)

concept:an old man walks 2 a lake with his fishing rod and picnic basket
he takes d boat till d middle of d lake
reaches for his basket and rod takes a wrigling wo
rm out
ties it to d rod n throws it in d lake
he waits for the day, afternoon, evening,night and aga
in the day next
finally he gets d rope out of the water
looks at the worm who looks back smugly... and de
taches him frm d rod and throws him
he reaches again in his basket and get a burger out
attaches it to the rod and throws it back in the water
immediately the string tightens and the old man puts a
good fight for it
everything blurs and a tagline says everyone's loving it...

some post of the progress

will keep posting soon with the progress

heres d final output


vibhuti pandya said...

Hi Nupur,
I have seen ur work, it is really nice. Love to see some more work.
Best regards,
Vibhuti Pandya

nupur said...

hey thanks a lot vibhuti
well i m in some process of rigging
so 1ce i finish will edit n put up a complete output
thanks a lot again